Special Offer - February 2013

Pay for 8 SMS ports - get 12!  

Take your Text to the Next Step


One SMS box - A thousand possibilities
Learn from what others have done before
  • Financing - Texan bank sends SMS notifications for safe money drawing 
  • Tourism -  London Taxi service alerts passengers with reservation details and scheduling
  • Services - Mechanical assistance communicated by the GW integrated into cars' gps systems
  • Government - Efficient new ways of two-way communication between the state and citizens
  • Retail - Control the campaign budget and invite your customers to enjoy discount offers

You can do that and much more!!

* Offer Expires February, 28th 2013 or after first 50 systems
** Limited Stock
*** Renew your SLA for one year 
*****Campaign applies to HG-7008Q6P only*****