SIMGuard - Voice Call Generator +


The VCG+ application generates various traffic models and allows defining multiple scenarios, each consisting of groups of GSM ports as well as lists of traffic simulation plans. Multiple configuration options such as activity times, call lengths and SMS contents are then available in deeper configuration levels.

VCG+ also generates daily detailed reports which include a summary of the various traffic events such as inbound and outbound SMS and calls
For the VCG+ application to generate traffic, you should define a set of actions (calls, SMS, voicemail calls, etc.), configure the phone numbers of all SIM cards, determine the content for the various SMS messages to be sent; and a few scenarios – each containing a set of actions, modules and SMS messages -- should be determined.

An “action” includes a set of parameters explicitly defining a limited set of timed operations of any of the following types:
  • SMS IN – Incoming SMS (sent through another SIM card belonging to the same scenario).
  • CALL IN – Incoming voice calls (sent through another SIM card belonging to the same scenario).
  • IVR OUT – Outgoing voice calls, including an optional DTMF string to be played, to a voice mailbox number or any other predefined service.

Currently supported by VCG+ are all HG3xxx, HG4xxx and HG7xxx systems which include a PC board