VoIP CDMA Gateway

HG4000_sideHG-4000C CDMA Series

Modular VoIP CDMA Gateways ranging from 4 up to 72 CDMA ports designed for connecting IP-PBXs directly to the CDMA cellular networks via H323 or SIP protocol for significantly lowering call interconnection charges and the company phone bill.


Available with CDMA Removable User Identity Module (RUIM), the HG-4000C (CDMA) gateway series is an ideal call termination system solution. It has been designed to provide a cost-effective alternative for fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed telephone calls, and enables inbound and outbound Cellular calls - all in one compact box. Interested in HG-4000C? Click here

Major Advantages:

  • Direct IP-PBX to CDMA connection
  • CDMA RUIM-enabled
  • Compatible with IP systems of leading manufacturers worldwide
  • Maximize the VPN’s low CDMA rates / Closed User Group tariffs
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Maintain existing dialing habits and business communication patterns
  • Scalable - from 4 to 72 CDMA channels
  • Optional ISDN-PRI interface
  • CDMA worldwide use (850/1900)
  • Advanced LCR functionality
  • Remote web-based management and control
  • 24 months warranty

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VoIP CDMA Gateway for SMB & Enterprises:



New Cost-Savings Opportunities

The VoIP CDMA Gateways enable fast and simple integration of the IP-PBX phone system with the CDMA cellular network for achieving cost-effective routing of incoming and outgoing cellular and VoIP calls. By significantly lowering call interconnection charges, businesses can significantly cut the company phone bill and achieve significant cost-savings for the organization.

Optimized for gradual and strategic implementation within any voice infrastructure and carrier grade networks, companies don't need to replace existing equipment. Instead, simply add to or reconfigure the existing equipment!

VoIP CDMA Gateway for Service Providers & Alternative Carriers:

Increased Profits & Fast ROI

Professional, heavy duty CDMA Gateways, the HG-4000C supports up to 72 CDMA ports with RUIM cards, offering great new business opportunities.

CDMA is becoming more attractive with the availability of the Re-Usable Identification Module (RUIM). Featuring seamless VOIP CDMA interoperability, service providers and system integrators can deploy total end-to-end IP telephony solutions to end-users, and alternative carriers can take advantage of the lower cost minute-based allotments offered by different RUIM cards. When connected to alternative carrier's equipment/networks, the CDMA Gateway increases profits for call termination vendors.

  • Ideal for use in: Nepal, India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa

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System Features:

  • Capacity:
    Systems from 4 to 72 CDMA channels (and/or GSM)
    Up to 72 VoIP channels (SIP / H323)
  • Configuration:
    Bi-directional calls (Inbound and Outbound calls)
    LCR functionality
    SMS support (optional)
    Integrated antenna combiner
  • PBX Compatibility: with IP systems of leading manufacturers worldwide
  • Chassis:
    Available 3U x 19" or 6U x 19" size
    Rack-mountable design
    Redundant power supply (optional)
  • Management & Control:
    Remote web-based
    Local serial port
  • High voice quality
  • Fast and easy installation

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Ideal for Telecom Distributors, Resellers and Service Providers:

Given the systems' flexibility, modularity and scalability, these smart VoIP CDMA gateways can be pre-configured to meet precise customer requirements so companies can easily expand the cost-effective systems to meet their evolving telephony needs over time.

Hypermedia VoIP CDMA gateways are also available with PBX booster functionalities, i.e. PBX add-on applications & services including; SMS ServerCallback and more.

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