Call Termination

Professional GSM and SIM card Maintenance Solutions

Hypermedia Call Termination solution is based on professional, heavy-duty, scalable HyperGateway family of cellular gateways, ranging from 4 up to 72 channels. The call termination solution is designed for interconnecting a wide selection of signaling protocols, including ISDN BRI, E1/1 PRI, SIP & H.323, to the GSM, CDMA RUIM and 3G / UMTS cellular networks. Interested in Mobile Termination Gateways? Get More Info

Equipped with a rich collection of features, Hypermedia Call Termination solution enables enterprises and service providers to quickly reduce telecommunication expenses and maximize cost-savings by capitalizing on cheaper call routing alternatives available through fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) and smart Least Cost Routing (LCR).

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Hypermedia offers Call Termination solutions for:

  • GSM termination (a.k.a. GSM trunking)
  • Terminating CDMA calls (RUIM-enabled)
  • Remote SIM maintenance (SIM Server)
  • Mixed call traffic termination: to both cellular and landline

Our call termination solutions are easy to install, and connect directly to IP-based systems via the existing IP/VoIP networks, or to non-IP systems via an E1/T1 PRI or BRI interface.

Hypermedia’s Range of Gateways for GSM Call Termination:

3-pxa-8-Side_175VoIP GSM Gateway - HG-4000 Series

Modular VoIP GSM Gateways ranging from 4 up to 72 GSM ports designed for connecting directly to the GSM cellular networks via H323 or SIP protocol, for significantly lowering call interconnection charges. HG-4000 series enables inbound and outbound VoIP and Cellular calls - all in one compact box.

HG2000v_sidePRI / BRI GSM Gateways - HG-3000 & HG-2000 Series

Modular ISDN GSM Gateways ranging from 4 up to 30 GSM channels developed for connecting E1/T1 PRI or ISDN BRI interfaces directly to the GSM cellular networks, for significantly reducing the cost of fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed calls. Also available dual PRI-GSM Gateways, saving the cost of an additional PBX E1/T1 PRI port.

HG-2000-8-PXA-3U-Side-SS200VoIP CDMA Gateway - HG-4000C Series

Modular VoIP CDMA Gateways ranging from 4 up to 72 GSM channels. Available with CDMA Removable User Identity Module (RUIM), the HG-4000C CDMA gateway series is an ideal call termination system solution, as it provides a cost-effective alternative for fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed calls, and enables inbound and outbound CDMA cellular calls - all in one compact box.

SIM_ServerSIM Server (SIM Maintenance)

Hypermedia's SIM Server allows easy allocation and maintenance of large numbers of SIMs, ensuring calls are routed to the defined SIM card. It enables customers to utilize a wide range of Hypermedia gateways (i.e. GSM/VoIP, GSM/PRI, GSM/BRI, GSM/SMS) and enjoy a Geographically Distributed Architecture at its best!

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Hypermedia Mobile Termination Gateways Major Advantages:
  • Fast ROI
  • Practical, easy to implement
  • Flexible and scalable: 4 – 72 channels
  • Chassis: 3U x 19" or 6U x 19" size
  • High voice clarity
  • High call stability
  • High ACD & ASR
  • Multi-SIM rotation
  • Detailed call duration report
  • USSD Pre-Paid SIM Balance & Top-Up
  • Reliable and proven technology
  • Online technical support and training
  • One point of contact for customer
  • 24 months warranty

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