SIP Trunking

Capitalize on VoIP Call Traffic Volumes

The growing demand for converting between VoIP and PSTN networks has given birth to the VoIP termination business model.

SIP trunkingallows taking part in the lucrative market for VoIP services, and to offer low call rates to businesses for routing calls between ISDN BRI or E1/T1 PRI to the IP networks. SIP trunks enable direct connection to an Internet Telephony Service provider (ITSP) for benefiting from increased calling capacity at generally more attractive prices. Interested? Contact Us!

SIP Trunks Offer:

  • A fixed-line alternative
  • Expanded IP reach
  • Significant cost-savings
  • PSTN backup/failover
  • Quick deployment

Hypermedia SIP trunks are linked up to the PBX phone system using VoIP interfaces, and can either replace the access to the fixed line provider, or enable an additional voice path.

Ideal for alternative service providers and call origination / call termination vendors, SIP trunking is also relevant to large corporate enterprises who have high volumes of VoIP traffic.

Hypermedia Range of Gateways for SIP Trunking:

3-pxa-8-Side_175VoIP PRI Gateway - HG-6000 Series

Modular VoIP PRI Gateways ranging from 4 up to 30 VoIP ports developed to enable direct connection of VoIP traffic to the PSTN/ fixed line ISDN for extending communications and reducing call charges. Support Single PRI and Double PRI.


VoIP BRI Gateway - HG-6000 Series

Scalable VoIP BRI Gateways that connect directly to any one of existing ISDN BRI (T0/S0 ISDN, RDSI) interfaces for enabling bi-directional traffic for both VoIP and PSTN, in one compact box. Come configured with 4 x ISDN BRI ports and 8 VoIP channels, to enable VoIP access for legacy phone systems and BRI trunking for IP-based systems.

HG-2000-8-PXA-3U-Side-SS200SIP GSM Gateway - HG-4000 Series

Also available SIP GSM Gateways, offering optional GSM trunks, in the one box.
Scalable GSM Gateways for IP-PBXs with 4 up to 72 GSM ports, that use standard SIP protocol for connecting VoIP PBX telephone systems directly to the GSM cellular networks in order to take advantage of low cost calls to and between GSM mobile phones.

Not sure which SIP system is right for you? Contact Hypermedia.

Major Advantages:

  • Use of existing E1/T1 PRI or ISDN BRI interface of the PBX
  • Use of existing VoIP interface of the IP-PBX
  • No need of telephony infrastructure changes
  • Maintain existing dialing habits and business communication patterns
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Compatible with all ISDN PBXs
  • Compatible with IP systems of leading manufacturers worldwide
  • In-line connectivity (3-leg topology) – between the PBX and the PSTN
  • Advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) functionality
  • Scalable – from 4 to 72 simultaneous calls
  • Optional GSM connectivity (GSM trunking)
  • Remote web-based management and control
  • 24 months warranty



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