Hypermedia Mobile Solution Help Global Retail Electronic Payments Cut Telecom Costs

The Customer

VISA is the largest retail electronic payments network in the world and is one of the most financial services brands recognized internationally. VISA facilitates global commerce through the transfer of value and information among financial institutions, merchants, consumers, companies and government agencies.

The Request

VISA was looking for a solution to cut their telecom costs and improve cost control on its phone bill. VISA identified several key requirements for any proposed solution which included:

Transparency: the solution should maintain existing user dialing habits and business communication patterns.

Call quality: the solution would have to maintain superior voice quality.

• Ease of Deployment: the new solution would need to interface seamlessly with the existing telecom environment (Avaya S872 PBX and APC Avaya Proactive Contact version 4.1.2).

• Set Up: Minimum downtime on set up and on operation.

• Upgradable: Retain the option to seamlessly grow in the future.

 The Solution

Technovoz, Hypermedia’s local partner in Argentina, took the task of tailoring a perfect solution for VISA based on the Hypermedia HG-3200 Dual PRI GSM gateway.
Four Dual PRI GSM Gateways were installed at VISA’s call center in Argentina. Hypermedia’s unique gateway design allowed them to be installed in between the predictive dialer and the
PSTN. The GSM Gateways made all the intelligent call routing decisions and were transparent to the PBX, making the installation fast and easy and enabling VISA to immediately benefit from advanced, integrated LCR capability and to achieve major cost savings on call costs.
This (in-line deployment) configuration saves VISA 30%-40% on their Fixed-to-Mobile calls because they are re-routing all fixed-to-mobile calls to cheaper mobile–to-mobile calls.

The Result

VISA’s GSM Gateways implementation fulfilled all of its requirements.  Users needed no retraining, and no modifications were required to its telephony infrastructure (PBX & Predictive dialer), and call quality remained as high as it had been before. 


Cost Savings - VISA
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