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Success story – Aceitera General Deheza


Aceitera General Deheza (Argentina) is a company that specializes in the production of vegetable protein meals, pellets, vegetable oils, refined glycerin and biodiesel production. They also export grains such as wheat, corn and sorghum, meeting internationally recognized quality standards.  

Needs and requirements

Aceitera General Deheza required a multipurpose in-house solution for sending and receiving SMS and also reducing expenses on mobile calls by converting fixed to mobile calls into mobile to mobile calls. Aceitera General Deheza required the ability to send bulk SMS (about 200 SMS) in a very short time, 15 minutes every day in order to inform their clients on the cost of corn on a daily basis. In addition, they needed to replace a small GSM modem which was used to receive incoming SMS containing weather information and other data and automatically upload it to a Web page. 

The solution

A Hypermedia Hybrid solution consisting of an HG4000 with 32 GSM channels and an SMS server (HG7100) was provided and integrated with the local phone system based on Cisco Call Manager.  By leveraging both voice calls and SMS capabilities, Hypermedia’s solution provided an answer for their needs: By eliminating the expensive fixed to mobile calls and using Hypermedia’s smart API to integrate with Aceitera General Deheza SMS application and web page, they could start sending bulk SMS and update the website with information from incoming SMS.

Implementation of the solution

The solution was implemented within a few days; integrating Hypermedia with Cisco Call Manager was standard procedure for the support team. Sending the bulk SMS was managed in this case by using SMTP as the SMS interface for incoming and outgoing SMS. Finally, using the simple HTTP interface, the previous small GSM modem and as well as the PC attached to it was no longer necessary for receiving SMS and posting in on the web page since all was handled by the HG4000, which sent the event and data to the application that made it publicly available on the Web server.


Call saving and SMS notification - Aceitera General Deheza